Essay On Why People Should Not Travel

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Seeing the world with your own eyes is like looking at everything in a whole new perspective. Taking a break and exploring a little bit of the world can help you appreciate your own life better and will help you look at your life from a new angle. Travelling more often increases these benefits along with many others. Experiencing the wonders of the world helps you step out of your comfort zone and builds up your desire for adventure. Today, I am going to tell you some of the numerous reasons of why you should travel more and how good it is for you. People might disagree with my opinion and say you shouldn’t travel because they are concerned about their safety. However, this stance is weak considering there are plenty of ways you can travel cautiously. Being careful about your safety is good, but you should also acknowledge how many places are out there that could be safer than your own neighbourhood. There may be a few places out there that are unsafe right now because of war or other reasons, so it is best to skip those places for now. Keep in mind, most of our world is an extremely safe place. Another one of the big reasons why people don’t travel more often is because of the expense. Travelling may be expensive including food, hotels, and…show more content…
For example, Canada is known for maple syrup and Switzerland and Belgium is known for their chocolate. Trying new food is a great way to learn about different cultures when travelling to a new country. In fact, you might never get to try what you taste in a different country again. You might even taste something you’ve never tasted before in your life! Trying local food when you are travelling is good considering by buying local food, you are supporting their community. Many travellers have also reported that local food is fresher and has an exquisite taste. To add to that, it’s cheaper! Tasting all different kinds of food is a big part of

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