Explain The Three Main Sociological Perspective Of American Family

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The three main sociological perspectives are conflict, symbolism and functionalism. Conflict is described as competition for insufficient resources; it’s how the elite society control the weak and the poor. Symbolism is uses of symbol in personal interaction, a symbol and details of everyday life. Lastly, functionalism is a relationship the parts of every society, like how aspects of society are adaptive or functional. On these day a big change to American family is huge and unstoppable compare the old days. Conversation is an interaction now of symbols between people who is frequently interpret the world around them. American Family attached to the general meaning of symbolism. In American institution of marriage, their symbols are wedding bands, glamorous white bridal dress, a nice expensive wedding cake and a lot more. Nowadays, the woman wants an expensive circular wedding rings compare before, that a simple circular wedding ring is enough because they look on the quality of marriage rather than the value. A circular wedding ring is symbolizing of “never ending love” but for others on this generation, they want the most expensive diamond ring to show off. In terms of a dream house, a couple are having a big, expensive house even they can’t afford the price. For the family now, owning a nice, big house has been a symbol of having an economic well-being in the eye of society. Back to our old days, a simple, small …show more content…

Nowadays, a women is not a plain housewife anymore rather be a working mom now. Although most spouse will be happy with the additional income, many have found it hard to accept or difficult to adjust with their wife’s new roles as a working mom and wife. Being a woman having an income of her own, a busy schedule and having a new outside friendship, it may cause a husband to feel neglected and insecure. A recent studies showing that more divorce among American family now than

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