Explain Why Senior People Should Meet Their Emotional Needs

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Helps Seniors Meet Their Emotional Needs

Serious illnesses and their accompanying treatments can emotionally drain your loved one, causing depression, anxiety and feelings of confusion. Palliative caregivers can address these feelings, giving your senior loved one an opportunity to talk through their emotions, cope with feelings of anxiety and sadness and help your loved one get medications to help if necessary.

Assists Seniors in Communicating With Their Medical Team

Seniors who have a serious illness often have a vast medical team that may include doctors, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, pharmacists, counselors, pharmacists, nutritionists and therapists. A non-medical home caregiver can help your loved one communicate with their team, keeping them comfortable and on top of their treatment. This communication can include arranging appointments, managing their pain and ensuring their mental health needs are met. Additionally, seniors often feel the need to talk with spiritual advisors or chaplains when receiving treatment for a disease or illness. A caregiver can help ensure that your loved one 's spiritual needs are met during this time. …show more content…

Palliative caregivers help seniors optimize their life and allow him or her to decide on what would be best for their unique situation. Often, these decisions can include spending more time with loved ones, being treated at home or another place of choice, staying pain-free and choosing to end medical treatment to enjoy the final portion of their life.

Gives Seniors More Control in Their

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