Explicit Instruction Analysis

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Explicit instruction is the core of my reading instruction. Foorman and Torgeson (2001) suggests best practices and evidence-based instruction is critical elements of explicit instruction, such as Small-group instruction. As a reading teacher, all of my sections are small group with an average of six students per group. Placement decisions must be determined, using the district/school Placement Pathway, including the specific program placement test. The Alternative core pathway provides 80 minutes per day of instruction, a vital element of explicit instruction, hence making it an intensive intervention as described by Samuels and Farstrup (2001). The major elements of explicit instruction are composed of more time (more intensive), small group setting environment, balanced curriculum (literature …show more content…

In addition, review of the learning objective of the lesson at the beginning of the lesson and repeated /processed by students is necessary. The teacher is required to use the intervention curriculum the way it is written, however, research based strategies may be implemented into the lessons, as one method may not always work for all students. As suggested by Foorman and Torgeson (2001), a balance of instruction between traditional and literature-based instruction is most powerful, including all five components of literacy. Our reading program, Read Well, addresses a balanced instruction. Read Well, a comprehensive reading program encompasses phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and literature. Students understand and follow the program routines, reflecting routines taught, followed, and reinforced on a daily basis to afford the student the opportunity to focus on the content. The seating arrangement must allow the teacher to monitor, check, and provide feedback and correction for the student, during instruction and independent work. During choral reading, all students are encouraged to engage and respond to

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