Factors Affecting Second Language Acquisition

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Second language acquisition process and results are affected by many factors. There are two main factors: first is emotion, and the second is mother tongue. Mother tongue is the most important factor that can not be neglected and the most significant factor when learning a second language. Many researchers have carried on the deep research on the relationship between mother tongue and second language acquisition research. The influence of mother tongue on the second language acquisition is mainly through the language transfer, the so-called language transfer mainly refers to mother tongue of the habit of transfer. This habitual transfer of mother tongue may be positive, may be negative. When mother tongue rules and target language rules are the same, the transfer can be positive. When mother tongue have differences with the target language, the transfer is mostly negative. Positive transfer refers to the transfer of language habits that are beneficial to study and occurs when mother…show more content…
In China, because of many second language learners are accustomed to understanding and grasp the concepts and meanings of the second-language vocabulary learned through the acquisition of the semantic system of mother tongue, so they simply think that learning a foreign language word is to find a same word(with mother tongue) in second language learners and then memorize the spelling and pronunciation. Learners also tend to care more about the form rather than the meaning which means use the simple word matching of mother tongue in the process of vocabulary acquisition of second language. Too much dependent on the Chinese semantic system so they ignore the the differences of two languages in the semantic system. As the result, the understanding of the word is always incomprehensible and can not use them in a proper way, often appear semantic deviation. This not only hinders the smooth development of second language thinking but also caused the use of inaccurate or inappropriate
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