Factors Of The Global Epptail Industry: The Global Apparel Industry

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The global apparel industry is one of the most lucrative industry in todays time, which despite the global economic downturn continues to grow at a healthy pace . It is estimated , by 2025 , the emerging countries would enlarge the apparel sector by $100 billion .The fashion involvement of the consumers and their hedonic and utilitarian attitudes are some of the crucial reasons for this rapid growth .
Some of the important terms used in the study are discussed below


The American Marketing Association defines involvement as the degree of personal relevance a consumer perceives a product, brand, object, or behavior to have. High involvement products are seen as having important personal consequences or as useful for achieving important personal goals. Low involvement products are not linked to important consequences or goals. Fashion clothing involvement is defined as the perceived personal relevance or interest from the consumer by fashion clothing (Engel, Blackwell and Miniard, 2005) .
Fashion involvement continuum can be defined based on the aggregate effect of a variety of important fashion behavioral activities. According to Tigert , Ring , and and King (1976) research ,there are at five dimensions which make the fashion involvement index .
They are:
1. Fashion innovativeness and time of purchase. The continuum which ranges from the early adopting and experimenting consumer to the late buying,conservative consumer;
2. Fashion interpersonal

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