Family Nurse Practitioner Application Essay Sample

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I am particularly keen to study at the Master in Sciences of Nursing with Family Nurse Practitioner program at South University, because the school reputation of excellence. The high standards of all programs attract such a variety of students and I believe it will be a stimulating environment in which to study at master’s level. The institution also provides exceptional working facilities for graduated students which demonstrate school’s commitment to the students. The Advanced MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner’s Program is an tremendous platform upon which I could build a new professional life and a better future for myself and my family. My upbringing, work and education thus far have helped define who I am, and who I would like to become. I have selected FPN program because the school brilliant academic reputation, professor dedication to current and future research and the commitment to educating healthcare providers serving all kind of communities. I would be very privileged to be accepted as part of South University prestigious program. The advanced practice nurse (APN) is a nurse with an advance education, usually a master’s degree, which provides improved …show more content…

The author states that” the transition generates anxiety, stress, conflict, loss of confidence in clinical skills, and feelings of incompetence”. The evidence refers that some of the anxiety, stress, and discomfort of this transition originates from the condition for skilled RNs to return backwards, meaning that they have to start from the beginning, and this creates fear to a point of anxiety, because the nurse has to go back to school to learn more concepts that will help in the future to diagnose and treat the patient; not to mention that some nurses have to work full time and take care of the family, if they

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