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Written and spoken by America's 32nd President Franklin D.Roosevelt the 1st Fireside chat was created to give Americans faith in banking. The Fireside chat was a speech directed toward the citizens of America. The speech was created in America in the year 1933 while America was still in a depression. The Great Depression was when America's economy crashed. The stock market plummeted because of bull markets and buying on margin witch intern forced banks to close their doors because they had no money to give out because a lot of the deposited money was invested in the market. In turn of the Market crashing it put Americans out of jobs and put a lot of Americans into poverty. The chats were to bring America out of the depression and the speech …show more content…

FDR also did not speak the chat from a president's standpoint he spoke it from more of a friend standpoint. The quotation from the passage “My friends” was the first thing Roosevelt said in the passage. This quote is showing that the President was right there with the rest of America and was speaking to them like they were all equal. He was treating them as friends so they would trust him more not just think that he was someone that was just bossing them around and telling them what to do so by being like he was he showed people that they were all in it …show more content…

In the first couple paragraphs of FDR's speech he explains what happens when you deposit money into a bank. He tells the citizens that when you deposit money into and bank the money is not just kept in a vault the money is invested into the economy or things such as loans. Then FDR talked about how the market crashed and that was because the money that was deposited was invested into many different forms that when the large amount of people rushed to the bank to get the little bit of the deposited money that was actually kept in currency the banks could give out any money and ran out. ALso he explained that when all the banks had to cloths it was known as a bank holiday because tons and tons of banks had to close their doors on the same day. The congress granted the president more power to stop the banking crisis and it also allowed him to create a plan to fix banking and the economy. FDR came out with regulations for banks so that the depression couldn't get worse or it would help prevent it in the future. The president explained that the banks had enough money from the bank holiday to reopen and supply the needs of the great depression, but he had to remind them that “no sound bank is a dollar worse than what it was a week before” which tells us that banks are still not 100% so give them time and don't rush them. It was explained that not every bank will

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