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Fitbit HR Review
Fitbit HR is one of the popular wearable devices in the market today. It has the ability to keep you connected with yourself and keep track of your body activity using smart sensors.
Fitbit comes in different shapes, sizes and color. It can be worn on the wrist and can help your achieve your fitness goals by track body activities such as heart rate, non of steps, calories and sleeping patterns.
Fitbit HR records the usual statics with an additional feature of recording the heart rate. It has advanced sensor which helps to track calories and daily step by the day time and well as monitoring your sleep patterns by night.
Here are some of the main features of Fitbit HR:
1. Activity tracking
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Although this gadget is focused on monitoring fitness activities, it has an added feature of tracking your sleep patterns. The simplicity of this feature can be attributed to the fact that it only an additional feature and not the main feature. The feedback of your sleep duration and when you turned and tossed is indicated on a …show more content…

If you are interested in learning more about your sleep patterns, you can find other dedicated sleep tracking devices. As indicated earlier, sleep tracking is only a plus and not one of the main features in Fitbit HR.

Quality Fitbit HR can be sad to be a super powered tracking device with unique heart rate technology- Pure Pulse- which makes it possible for continues heart rate monitoring all day and at night.
The heart rate technology puts Fitbit ahead of its competition. The heart rate data is now more accurate and consistent than any other fitness device has achieved before. With Fitbit App, you can monitor your heart rate activity through Fitbit heart rate chart. The chart shows minutes spent in higher target zones as exercise as well as every day fluctuating heart rate. However, the presentation of higher heart rate as exercise is not always accurate.
Battery life is impressive given the continuous LED light that keep flashing to monitor your heart rate. The battery can run for up to five days before recharging.
It is not entirely water proof and you are not recommended to go swimming with your gadget. But its 1ATM water-resistant and you need not remove it in the

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