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a) Focus Student 1 completed the assessment well, he achieved some of the use of academic language throughout his graphic organizer. Focus Student 1 was able to successfully compare and contrast the arguments/rational of Hoovers response to the Great Depression to Roosevelts response. For example, Focus Student 1 was able to show me that Hoover believed that the government should not get involved with helping its citizens, where FDR thought the government should get involved. As well, he was able to provide me with an acceptable summary. However, I would have like to have seen more details in his summary. All he was able to provide me with was that FDR did more than Hoover.
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For example, when I look back at his summary and see, "In total, although Hoover and FDR were presidents during the same time period, FDR did more to help," I can’t help but think that this student is trying to find an easy way out of using those critical thinking skills. For future assessments I will provide Focus Student 1 with more guidance as to things that should be expanded on. Other students in the class also need this guidance. I also would like to pair Focus Student 1 with individuals who are more on his academic leave. This way she can be more comfortable and better collaborate with his fellow …show more content…

However, she didn’t accurately compare and contrast the two president’s policies. For example, when comparing both Hoover and FDR Focus Student 2 said, "Both wanted Mexicans to leave," this comparison is false. Although, Hoover wanted the Hispanic population to leave the United States during the Great Depression, it was FDR who invited Mexican workers to come to the United States to help farm. As well, Focus Student 2 made no comments about the comparison of FDR and Hoover with regards to the

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