Food Mixtures In The Movie Ratatouille

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Section 1 - Summary
When one eats a meal, one may or may not like the overall taste of the meal, not because each dish tasted bad but because the dishes were simply not a “good combination”. Imagine eating bacon followed by a glass of water. You will be left dissatisfied with your meal because your palate would still feel greasy. However, say you have red wine and a steak for your meal. It is simply a great combination which leaves your palate and mind with a nice satisfied feeling at the end of your meal.
Of late, many surprising and unusual combinations such as chocolate and cauliflower and many others have been discovered by gastronomists, chefs, food engineers, food enthusiasts and the like. This, apart from traditional food combinations such as steak and red wine opens up a whole new world of flavours and possibly inter-cuisine pairings, a delight for foodies! A simple analogy for the food pairings and combinations would be the combinations and pairings made by Remy the rat in the movie, Ratatouille.
However, we humans in the real world are curious and inquisitive beings. This leads us to delve into the scientific approach of how foods with different tastes can be paired as or into a meal based on their flavor components and to provide a basis for the success of traditional food pairings.

Section 2 - Scientific Content
Solvent extraction : It is the separation of materials of different chemical types and properties by selective solvent action. Typically, another

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