Foodborne Diseases Essay

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Foodborne desease also known as food poisoning which is resulting from the consumption of contaminated food, viruses or parasite, food beverages that contain harmful bacteria and also chemicals. In Malaysia, foodborne disease is one of the five food and waterborne disease where notification is required under the Communicable Disease Prevention Act 1988 (Act342). Hence, these desease was also recorded as the third highest of all the noticiable disease incidence after dengue and tuberculosis which is 62.5 cases per 100,000 population in 2008. The example of foodborne disease is Botalism, Campylobacteriosis, E.coli, Hepatitis A., Norovirus Infection, Salmonellosis, Shigellosis and others.

E. coli

E. coli are known as Escherichia coli which is a bacteria are usually can be found as part of the normal gut flora in the large intestines of mammals such as cows and sheep. There are certainly some deadly strains in its ranks. But most E.coli are harmless. Billions of them live peacefully in intestines and many others in just about every warm-blooded animal on earth. All told, there are around 100 billion E.coli on earth and live in rivers, lakes, forests and backyards. There are many dissimilar strains of E.coli and only a few cause illness. Those strains of E.coli which produce toxins knows as vero cytotoxins …show more content…

It can also be passed from person to another person through improper hygiene. In the case of beef, E.coli bacteria from the intestine of the cattle can bontaminate the meat during slaughter. With steaks, when the contaminated meat is ground up for making burgers and the E.coli bacteria are distributed throughout the meat and if it isn’t cooked all the way through good preparation, it can cause

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