Frederick Banting Essay

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Frederick Banting is a name that unfortunately like so many, has became less familiar with the average Canadian as the years go by. It is because of this that so many do not see the significance with his name as opposed to other well known Canadians today. Familiarity aside, Frederick Banting is decisively, one of the most important Canadians to have ever walked the earth potentially having an impact on the entire human species up to present day.

Sir Frederick Grant Banting was born on November 14th, 1891 in Alliston, a small settlement in the town of Tecumseth approximately 60 kilometers north of Toronto. Frederick grew up in a large family of seven and remained a fairly regular boyhood on his family farm. He was known to have a shy personality …show more content…

The military needed all the doctors they could obtain to help their country during the times of hardship. It was then that Frederick Banting started to work in a military hospital in England helping many of the wounded soldiers daily. He also developed an interest in surgery and research while working in the hospital. In 1918, it Banting progressed from his position at the medical hospital and was sent over to France as a battalion medical officer. It was from that position that he was able to see how gruesome the war really was, witnessing all sorts of heavy action in the last battles of the war. In September at Cambrai, Banting got to experience what a great majority of of the soldier’s had to undergo which was being wounded while on the field. Shrapnel flew in the air after an attack from the enemy causing some of it to enter Banting 's body. This put him out of service as battalion officer and forced him to recover in England. He was shortly awarded with the Military Cross for his valour under fire after which he then returned to Canada in 1919. To outline one of Frederick Banting’s best moments in his life taking place in military service, he was very dedicated to the task at hand and to helping those in the war. He showed his support and valor during the hardships of the war and for that calling him great would be an

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