Freeman Hrabowski's Essay 'Colleges Prepare People For Life'

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In his essay “Colleges Prepare People for Life,” Freeman Hrabowski talks about what college means in turns of preparing people for life. Freeman also talked about what students should look at in choosing the right college for them, and who to go to if they need help deciding. The biggest reason why college prepares people for life because, having a college degree can help maintain a job. The job market today, now requires candidates to have a college degree. It is difficult today, compared to fifty years ago to get a high-skilled job without of attending college and earning a degree. Maintaining a job leads to being able to become self-sufficient. Once one has a job, one can start to build up his/her life by buying a house and car. There are over four thousand universities in the United States. It is bound for any student to find the right college that fits his/her needs. It is up to the student to do research and gid deep to find information about colleges they are interested. Research needs to be done for a student to find a college that fits his/her the best. He/she needs to look at what they want to study and find schools that have strong programs in that subject. If a student wants to study a subject on the artistic …show more content…

Counselors are the perfect people to see if one is stumped on what he/she wants to do in college or where to apply. The biggest focus high school counselors have is helping students in the college process. Counselors have read more in depth about the colleges around the state and know off the top of his/her head which ones you will be interested. It is important to seek help, because having a person who is knowledgeable about the subject will ease the

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