Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay

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In 76 countries, it's a crime to be gay. In five of those, the punishment is death. In America, at the very least, homosexuals are unrepresented, disowned, or both. While homosexuals can legally marry their partner in some states of America, they can get fired at their jobs; barred from public facilities; blacklisted from their families. This cruel and unfair treatment of homosexuals leads to the firm belief that they should have all the same rights as heterosexuals.

Taking away the right to wed is unjust. Yet in many states, homosexual marriage is outlawed. A Huffington Post Article describes Judge Robert Lewis Hinkle, who says "...the arguments supporting Florida's ban on same-sex marriage...will seem an obvious pretext for discrimination." (Miami Herald par. 2) Much like arguments back ninety years or so, concepts like woman's suffrage seemed to be breaking the voting system because of its absurdity. …show more content…

Anti-gay officials try to claim reasons why homosexuality can be suppressed and tucked out of thought. The Poughkeepsie Journal accounts a research from the American Psychological Association on gay therapy. "Does conversion/reparative therapy work? A task force of the American Psychological Association undertook a thorough review of the research on its efficacy. They found clear evidence that it doesn't work and significant evidence that it's harmful to LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual] people." (Kulla par. 8) Gay therapy has been one of the ways how anti-gay groups has proposed to get rid of homosexuality, and has been a recent go-to way to do so. However, those groups did not consider the psychological repercussions to LGBT people. While anti-gays may argue to this homosexuality is temporary and "just a phase", they don't consider the fact they themselves can't just become gay. No matter how hard they would try, they cannot change their heterosexuality to become

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