Ge2 Unit 2

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One of the two educational goals outlined in the Melbourne Declaration (2008) is that “All young Australians are to become...Active and informed citizens.” With this in mind, this unit of work is designed to foster student’s learning in the concept of introduced species. It will open students’ minds to some of the ideas and controversy surrounding introduced species today; what are some of the dangers, what went wrong in the past, how are we still feeling the effects now, how something in one country won’t necessarily work in another. The key outcome that this unit is based around is GE2-2 and it fits into the Stage Two curriculum under the content ‘The Earth’s Environment’. This unit will act as a precursor to students exploration of globalisation in Stage Three where in they will discover some of the wonderful things that can, has and will come out of it. …show more content…

This unit is designed to purposefully integrate KLAs such as; History, Geography, Science, Drama, Maths and English allowing students to deepen their knowledge and fully immerse their learning of this topic in varied real world contexts (Hudson, 2012). The key teaching strategies incorporated in this unit of work are peer teaching, cooperative learning giving students an authentic real world learning experience (Scholl. et al, 2016), explicit teaching, scaffolding and inquiry based learning. These strategies are expected to foster KLA integration (Reynolds, 2014) to support the student 's learning

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