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Analysis of “The Gender Pay Gap Is a Myth”
In the article “The Gender Pay Gap Is a Myth”, Steve Tobak expresses his opinion on the difference in pay between males and females. The gap in pay between men and women has been a reoccurring controversy through many decades. While some say that women are generally paid at a lower scale than men, there are others that believe that this is a myth. Published on May 3, 2013 by Fox Business, throughout this article the Tobak explains his reasoning as to why he believes that the gender pay gap is a myth. Through an analysis of the beginning of the article, what he believes about the gender pay gap discrimination, and by looking in the general demographic of Fox Business readers, it can be determined if the author is successfully persuading his readers.
In the beginning, of the article Tobak states that the gender wage gap simply isn’t true. He argues that women sacrifice their ability have the same pay as men. That women have the same pay however, women simply do not choose the professions that are high paying. A very simple answer to a large …show more content…

Tobak disregards that there might be cases where women have experienced workplace discrimination. Tobak sticks with his claim and does not entertain the idea that women in the same field, working the same jobs, are being paid less, until the end of his article. Tobak implies that the wage gap discrimination treats women like victims and actually holds women back. He continues to say that if it continues, “the legislation and government will likely do more harm than good”, because the government will be overreaching and overreacting to satisfy what he calls, “special interests”. This statement seems to imply that workplace gender discrimination in a whole is a “special interest” instead of a collective

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