General Deterrance Definition

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What is meant by the term "seductions of crime" and what are the elements of general deterrance and specific deterrance?

The term “Seductions of crime” means that the criminal committing a crime gets a feeling of rush or even feelings of thrill while they are committing such crime.

General Deterrance- This term means that there is a control policy that relies on the fear of criminal penalties. The type of control policy believes that harsher punishment and long prison time for serious crimes in order to hope that this will scare potential offenders to not commit the crime because of the serious consequences.

Specific Deterrance- This term means that if the criminal is receives a harsher punishment than necessary in hopes to scare the …show more content…

Classical Criinology- This means that in the Eighteenth century, the social thinkers strongly believed that a criminal who chooses to commit a crime and how this type of behavior can be controlled by judicious type of punishment.

Offense-specific crime- This term means that a criminal will react to the characteristics of a certain crime.

Offender-specific crime- This term means that an criminal will evaluate themselves on their skills, motives, needs, wants, what they are scared of and thoughts of is this worth it before they decide if they want to try to commit the crime or not.

Situational crime prevention- This term means that there are crime prevention methods to try to reduce the likelihood of a crime being committed there. For example would be burglaries and how they would increase the lighting of the homes and also adding security alarms to the homes to prevent or reduce the likelihood of being burglarized.

Displacement- This term means that there are programs out there that will help try to reduce crime rates in certain areas that are considered high crime rate

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