George Washington Dbq Essay

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The United States of America has been fortunate with getting unbelievable leaders in our past starting with George Washington. He has led our Nation to victory and our independence along with being amazing president. George Washington was an incredible leader during the American Revolution and it is proven by the viewpoints of the loyalists, patriots, and their similarities. George Washington placed enemies right where anyone would want them even if he did it on purpose or not. To explain, at the beginning of the war the loyalists viewed George Washington viewed him as a weak, unskilled leader because he lost majority of the battles. Then since they underestimated George so much he proved them wrong especially during the battle of Saratoga. The loyalist population took up about one fifth of the colonial population in America. George Washington made some Loyalist very upset because of the fact that they were winning,General Cornwallis stated in the book 1776” He would've kept going, not matter the risks, no matter the orders.”(259) This quote was said after the battle of trenton after …show more content…

To illustrate, George was only put in charge of the continental army because he was a candidate from Virginia and since Virginia had such a large population he was voted on to please the south. George Washington had little background in leading an army there was not much was expected him, it was not a huge shocker when the Americans were losing at the beginning of the war. George Washington realized part way through the war that he was not only losing the war but his soldiers, so he turned things around everyone began looked at him differently. The patriots were winning battles like the battle of Trenton, Saratoga, and Yorktown.Everyone was looking at him as a massive hero. Nathanael Greene said “ He is the deliverer of his own country” (386). People were proud to be Americans due to George Washington's outstanding

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