Green Marketing Case Study

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1.1.1 Green Marketing
According to American Marketing Association (AMA), green marketing also known as ecological marketing which is focused on environmental safety by putting effort to restructure the marketing activities to ensure design, produce, promote, package, distribute and improve product’s function or quality in a way that assumed to be environmentally safe that can minimize the negative impact to the environment (Yazdanifard, 2011). This statement agreed by Polonsky. Polonsky added that green marketing is marketing activities that conducted to satisfy human needs and wants without brings harm or negative impact to the environment in order to promote environmental protection (Polonsky M. J., 2011). Peattie and Charter defined green
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This is because of many consumers are aware of the environmental issues such as global warming and animal species that are going to extinction, which are become more serious in recent years. Consumers also started to realize that their purchasing behavior can bring huge impact to the environment. Therefore, they are started to looking for green product that is environmental friendly with the desire to protect the environment. More companies are utilizing these green opportunities by adopting green marketing to develop environmentally friendly product which is green product and services (Molina-Azorı´n,…show more content…
Green consumer believes that his or her action such as purchase or consume green product is likely to make a difference and has impact in protecting environment. According to Elkington, green consumer is the one that avoid any product that may harm any living organism, causes corrosion to the environment during process of manufacturing or usage, and involves unethical testing of product on animals or human (Elkington, 1994). While, Leonidou defined green consumer as individual that have interest on product that is organic, recyclable, energy efficient or have biodegradable packaging (Leonidou, 2010). Vernekar and Wadhwa agree with Leonidou’s viewpoint. They also define the green consumer as a person who has environmentally-friendly behaviors or purchases green products (Vernekar, 2011). Integrating the viewpoints from above researchers, it can be concluded that green consumer is the consumer that will consider about the environmental impacts that resulted from their consumption pattern and tend to change their buying and consumption behavior to reduce the environmental

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