Gulf And Burger Case Study Essay

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Problem Statement
Gulf & Burger is located in Florida. Friday is the busiest day for Gulf & Burger. The restaurant is experiencing a shortage of employees due to a large number of absences. During lunchtime, more customers are arriving at the restaurant. Employees are required to move faster and organize the orders of each customer. In this case, the operation of Gulf & Burgers was not good because some of the employees are not around. Therefore, the remaining employees are required to perform a task that is not in line with them to prepare each order at the exact service time. However, as employees move faster, they can make an unexpected mistake. As a result, operations are becoming more slowly.
Alternative #1: Reward System and Incentives
The organization is likely to succeed when workers are motivated. A reward is a positive outcome result from an employee's performance in the organization. An effective reward system such as incentives is not necessarily expensive. Even though, the reward in the form of money is also good. An employer may offer incentives in the form of additional paid vacation leave, gift vouchers, free movie tickets, or …show more content…

Team building can help separate communication barriers. In addition, how to better use both types of conversations like verbal and non-verbal. Team development activities improve the working environment that includes interaction between employer and employee. Each individual from a group is responsible for contributing to the organization. Therefore, after performing the team-building activities at the same time, employees will see each other's qualities, imperfections, and interests. The constraint of Gulf & Burger, for example, the absence of administration in staffing has been an inspiration to work better for future growth and development of the organization. Even such teamwork activities can cause a large amount money in the

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