Hawaii Luau Research Paper

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If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would probably be Hawaii.The main reason I would travel there is because of the many traditions they do. Like hula hooping, luau’s and their many dances.These traditions tie into their super rich culture that take place every year in Maui. One of the many traditions found in Hawaii is their music and dance which is put together with a feast called a luau. A luau is a feast to celebrate special occasions. In ancient times, Hawaiians believed it was important to honor their gods with feasts. These traditions were made in the late 1850’s. In Hawaiian luau means the young edible leaves of the taro plant. The leaves of the taro plant were used to wrap and cover the food put into the underground …show more content…

According to some, the hula represents the spirit of Hawaii through graceful movements and captivating music. The hula is a local dance deeply rooted to the religion of the natives here. Hawaiians actually believe that the first hula was performed by a god or goddess. Because of this, the dance is considered more as a sacred ritual than as a form of entertainment. But through time, the hula became a part of celebrations and not just a spiritual performance or a form of worship.These traditions are just one part of the Hawaiian culture. The early Native Hawaiian people relied heavily on agriculture and fishing, which helped to ensure an adequate supply of food and plants for sustenance. These skilled early Hawaiian farmers were very familiar with both wetland and dryland farming, as well as how to build irrigation ditches. Captain James Cook was said to have been impressed with the extensive knowledge the Native Hawaiians had on cultivation. Hawaii’s traditions are as diverse as its people. Rooted in Native Hawaiian culture that has been passed down through generations mixed with the traditions of the peoples from all around the world who have made Hawaii

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