Heritage Sites Impact

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Impact on younger generation
Unlike the older generations of Singapore who have existing shared memories with heritage sites, to the younger generations these heritage sites play a big part in fostering bonds between the young generation and Singapore. A country’s heritage sites help the younger generation to identify and relate with the country’s heritage and history. Being able to relate and identify with Singapore means being able to relate to the entire history of Singapore and not just the present-day Singapore. Heritage sites are one important way to keep the country’s younger generation in touch with the past. The Committee on Heritage warned of the loss of Singaporean identity among the youth in an increasingly westernized society and
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By preserving our heritage, cities can create a unique sense of place and attract investors from the tourism industry. The tourism industry is one that has proven to be extremely beneficial to Singapore, where it helps to increase job opportunities and bring in revenue for the country. Thus, heritage tourism can be seen as a motor for economic development. Conserving heritage sites can help create business opportunities, given the diverse space usually associated with heritage sites, which are well suited for new businesses and small retailers, encouraging youth entrepreneurship in the…show more content…
One would be the exhumation of some of Singapore’s oldest graves at Bukit Batok Cemetery. In order to make way for roads to ease the congestion at Lornie Road, one of the oldest existing Chinese cemeteries in Singapore and the final resting place of many pioneer settlers who arrived in the 19th century was set to be destroyed. This has generated a lot of unrest in citizens. According to citizens, the enormous historical and cultural value of Bukit Batok outweighed a four-way road that was to “bring relief to the increasingly congested Lornie Road”. At the same time, having the actual sensory experience of walking in a physical space among trees and quiet gravestones, reflecting on our shared history and culture has a completely different experience from reading about it in a museum. According to the Singapore Heritage site, more than 200 graveyards have been destroyed in the past 20 years. Some have made way not for housing and transport infrastructure, but for many shopping centers that are now a ubiquitous feature of the Singaporean life. The loss of these sites has gradually weakened the public memory of many settlers and transient sojourners who came to Singapore from many parts of the world and settled here in different parts of Singapore’s history. Also, the removal of old train tracks at Tanjong Bahru between Singapore and Malaysia

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