Ho Chi Minh Airport Overcapacity Case Study

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Current Problem Ho Chi Minh Airport ranked as the 8th worst airport in the world. In addition, it also ranked as 4th worst airport in Asia. Based on the figure we can know that Ho Chi Minh airport encounters many problems from internal to external. Next, We identify the major problems of the airport. Overcapacity Overcapacity is the common problem faced by majority number of airport around the world, so does Ho Chi Minh. We identify the overcapacity problem in Ho Chi Minh airport into airfield area and terminal area. This can be viewed as one of the main reason why Ho Chi Minh airport was ranked as 8th worst airport in the world. As being the busiest airport in the country, Ho Chi Minh is having a significant level of overload at the moment.…show more content…
According to Dang Tuan Tu, the director of Ho Chi Minh airport, the designed capacity of the airport terminal could only serve 20 million of passenger per year. However, the number of passenger is expected to be 25 million in the year 2015. The problem also needs to be solved as soon as possible as the passenger decides the reputation of the airport. The higher the satisfaction is, the better the reputation of airport. Therefore, we highlight the problem as one of the way to eliminate Ho Chi Minh airport from being one of the worst airport in the world. The overcapacity problem also happens when the operation comes with cargo handling. In the year 2014, the Ho Chi Minh airport handled only 406,000 ton of cargo. We use Changi airport as an example. Changi Airport from Singapore, which was ranked as the top best airport in the world, could handle more than 1.8 million ton of cargo annually. The gap between these two airports indicates the problem faced by Ho Chi Minh airport. As a conclusion for the overcapacity, an expansion seems to be a must for Ho Chi Minh airport. To minimize the gap between them and world best airport, they need to solve it as soon as…show more content…
The security issues cannot be eliminated, but it can be minimized. But, the Ho Chi Minh airport doesn’t handle the problem very well. Thus it causes a lot of security issues. From our findings, we found that the theft is the major problem that the airport facing. From the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV)’s report, it received 48 theft reports last year. (Mai Ha, June 11, 2015). This report representing the security level of the airport at low level. Many cases happened when the luggage passing by the security gate. However, the airport didn’t take action to recover this problem. Thus, there are a lot of tourist have been affected and disappointed by the security level of the Ho Chi Minh airport. Besides, we found that there are another issues which is the officer’s harassment at Ho Chi Minh airport as well. The officers of the airport force the people to pay the bribes to clear their goods. The main target of those corruption officer are the overseas Vietnamese. They are treated as the foreigner. So, this issue need to be solved as soon as possible. It is because it will affect not only the reputation of the airport but also the country. The security level of an airport is very important. So, Ho Chi Minh airport should take action to solve those security problem and improve the security level. Thus, it can attract more people to use the

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