Homeless Interview Paper

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Did you know that 109,631,000 that makes up of 35.4% people that are on welfare reported back in 2012 around the time barack obama became president.I interviewed Ms.Connie she is social worker for the DHHS which is the Department of Health and Human Services.And she works closely with the community concerning the Flint Water project and how it affects her surviving clients in the community. Further, Ms.Connie is big on giving back and have been since her college days and serving with her fellow sorority sisters. She has an associate degree in social work, a masters degree in business administration, and information systems But with this job comes many difficult problems she sometimes have to deal with the lack of family support, the lack …show more content…

She says they work with clients receiving state cash assistance for the Department of Health and Human Services ( DHHS). The type of cash assistance programs they provide are the state supplemental program they support elderly adults and individuals that are physically disabled, mentally or legally blind (Michigan.gov). The eligibility depends on the individuals or the spouse income, resources,and living arrangements. Another program that they have is financial assistance to needy families which it provides cash assistance to families with dependent children(Michigan.gov). It 's eligibility depends on the family income, the resources, and the living arrangements. And the child must lack parental support or care due to death of family member, or in a two parent home someone is disabled. The one thing that motives her in this field is being of service to others to help them survive through this difficult times they have to face as an individual. And the steps they have to take in order to receive certain benefits for the family because of the income the have, also the children that are in the …show more content…

She works with mandated clients they are individuals who are required by some governmental agency for example the courts, department of probation,child welfare to seek treatment( Social Work Policy and Practice 44).

Also, Ms.Connie said some positives things about being a social worker is that she is able to help people that are struggling.And, just to get people by with everyday needs, like food, power, water,and survival items to support there family. Some negative aspects she said that it can be taxing on you mentally and physically listening to people 's struggles and trying to help them day after day for them to live a better life then they were

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