Homeless Vs Homeless Research Paper

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Never in my life, I would have known that there was a difference between panhandlers and homelessness. All my life I thought homeless are people who beg I treat everyone that asked for money the same. My experience with a panhandler was on Broad Street I thought to incase was asking for money thought she needed it because she was starving when in reality that was their “job” to go around asking people for money when homeless people actually need the money more. Homelessness and panhandlers the same my perspective between them have changed dramatically this is my biases views of this issue. If they really need help. I rather buy them food instead of just handing out money so they can go buy drugs or alcohol so they can drink. In this day of age, you can’t tell who 's homeless and who’s a panhandler because they dress the part and everyone is a liar sad and honest truth. you can say one experience ruined it for me. Panhandlers are like the bubonic plague its growing and growing and running the economy and its spreading fast.…show more content…
If you have the mental ability and two arms and two legs you should be able to work. There’s no legitimate reason no matter what the situation is unless you just lazy and don’t want to work which is pathetic in my eyes. There are programs and resources available in grasp to help reach get help in difficult situation and government aid are put in place to come back homelessness. This behavior is disgusting and its unfair that we are getting our money taken away due to taxes while there are people who stand in the corner all day and make money which doesn’t even get taxed

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