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Operating Plan: Enterprise Strategy and the Enterprise Delivery System
Value Chain Homemade Indulgence got their tools and utensils like wooden spoons, weighing scale, spatula, and dessert decorator from GMG which is a Baking Supplies Store. We also got our raw materials like flour, sugar, and vanilla from All About Baking. Lastly, we get our supplies of egg from an egg dealer in Bataan. Homemade Indulgence would be the manufacturer and also the retailer of their products. They also aim to distribute to other retailers like Chen’s store, Berte’s store and eateries like Hamlet to reach their customers.
Suppliers and their Terms of Business
Our company decided to pay suppliers in cash so we would not get credits.

Operations Flow
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In preparing the ingredients, the first thing to do is to measure the ingredients. Since, one of the ingredients includes egg, the second thing that you have to do is to separate the egg white from egg yolk. The ingredients that you have to mix are: yolk, egg, and sugar. After assuring that all are mixed well, vanilla, baking powder, and milk will be added. When all the liquid and solid ingredients are combined, flour will be added. Kneading takes up the most number of minutes in making dipcuits. The mixture will be kneaded and will be divided into 4. It will be easier to knead if it's smaller. After kneading, it will be cut to little portions and will be shaped according to orders. The next process is to fry the dipcuits. Lastly, you have to package it to become more presentable to consumers. In order to maintain the same quality and quantity, you have to measure the number of dipcuits as well as the amount of dip and the packaging should be sealed. The first four processes will be done by the owners because they want their recipe will not be disclosed. Their responsibilities are to ensure the quality of the products in terms of the ingredients used, taste, and presentation. The food should be made before or whenever there's an order. Continuous innovation and creation of new products should…show more content…
21, 685.04. The Salaries and Wages is 9,620. Light and water cost 1,466.71. The rental in Tiffany Suites is 7,600 per month. Transportation is 400 for getting the supplies. Advertising and Promotions are the free sample, flyers, poster and calling cards to be distributed every month. Amortization is the payment for permit and licenses monthly amounted to 933.33. Depreciation is the cost for depreciating the equipment.
Equipment Necessary to meet Capacity Plan
Electric stove Php 2,000.00
Deep fryer Php 2,000.00
Imarflex Stand Mixer Php 1,800.00
Refrigerator Php 10,000.00
Total Php 15,800.00 The table above show the equipment needed for the production every month. We allocated Php. 15,800
Personnel necessary to meet Capacity Plan
For the personnel needed in the operation is stated in the EDS, we also needed a sales agent to help using selling our product. The salary for our employee is Php 9,620. The employee we needed at least knows how to cook and has a good communication

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