Honeywell Rth230b Case Study

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Review of Honeywell RTH230B The Honeywell company is a well-known player on the market of thermostats. In its product line, there are more than twenty various models of programmable thermostats. RTH230B is one of the representatives of high-quality company's products. Along with the fact that it has an affordable price tag, it allows controlling temperature in the apartment regardless of the presence of inhabitants. After the appearance of Honeywell RTH230B in the house, the user will be able to save energy consumption and bills as well. According to the estimations, that's can be up to 33% of the economy. This model is simple in use and doesn't require sophisticated programming processes. Despite the fact that RTH230B is produced without…show more content…
For simplicity, RTH230B has an auto-mode, the activation of which is accompanied by an appearance of "house" icon on the screen. In order to put the device in a manual mode, it's necessary to push the Mode button and the "house" icon should disappear. (RTH230B have the manual and the users can download it here) Changing temperature up and down with the help of control buttons has the same effect the auto-mode is turned off. This feature became one of the most popular, according to the reviews of RTH230B. The device goes back to the auto-mode in two hours after the last manual control. Many users like this thermostat for the absence of necessity to toggle complex controls in order to the comfortable temperature at home. Absence of backlit screen and hinged cover Despite the fact that the Honeywell RTH230B doesn't have a special illumination (back-lit), the screen of this thermostat is very easy to read and comfortable to control. Some reviews mentioned the absence of the hinged cover, but it's also not a big

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