Honors English Assignment Analysis

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Arriving home after a day spent in school, I sit down, backpack in lap, ready to begin homework. Instead, however, a better idea sparks into my mind, better check my phone first, I could have a text. But what I do next is the basis of the problem that cursed me throughout school: I follow that thought. This situation is something that, until recently, would be commonplace while I worked. I have always been plagued with laziness, the drive to forego productiveness for the much more immediately appealing pleasures so common in life. I knew that I had to change. I could not live the rest of my life dodging assignments; no college or job would accept that. But that very same laziness that prevented me from realizing my academic potential also kept me from doing anything about it. For some time I lived like this, completing only some of the assignments, living with my parents constantly on me about turning things in, and getting poor grades for my ability. This all came crashing down when I was tasked with writing a 12+ page research paper for Honors English 11. …show more content…

My English teacher stressed when assigning it that we plan our time wisely, so we don’t cram all the work into a week. But that’s exactly what I did. Before finally getting to work, I would tell myself in the morning, today is the day. I have to start. Come 3:30pm when school lets out, however, a school project is the last thing I wanted to spend my evening on. This happened every day, until the last week before the due date. After so much procrastination, one can already guess how I did on the assignment:

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