How Did Wayne Bertram Williams A Pathological Liar

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Wayne Bertram Williams is an African-American male born on May 27, 1958 into a middle class family in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents, Homer and Faye Williams, were both well-educated teachers and sincerely cared about their only child; spending whatever money they had on him. He grew up in Atlanta's Dixie Hills neighborhood, and attended Douglass High School from where he graduated at the top of his class. He became fascinated by radio and journalism and opted to continue his education at Georgia State University, but dropped out soon after starting. Although he was very smart and held an IQ score of 150 at the time, he was a hermit. He had very few friends and was ostracized by his neighbors. To remain relevant in his community he began making …show more content…

His attempt at popularity labeled him as a pathological liar. In order to escape his discrimination, he began hanging out at radio stations so he could focus fulltime on his dream. He began at WIGO and WAOK where he befriended a number of the announcing crewmembers. After learning the basic ins-and-outs of communications, he constructed his own radio station in his basement and worked to become a music producer and manager. As Williams got older, he remained living with his parents until he was 23 and never married or had children. Once he moved out, however, the killing commenced. Williams began his serial rage in 1979. He would find and kidnap African American children, keep them hostage (and occasionally molest them). He would eventually kill them and dump their bodies in the Chattahoochee River. After two years of police search, they finally got Williams on their radar when they found his car on the bridge that investigators believed to be the dumpsite. They heard a loud splash and when they …show more content…

When the police questioned him, he told them that he was on his way out of town to audition a new singer by the name of Cheryl Johnson. However, when the police searched for this woman, there were no records of her and the phone number Williams gave them was non-existent. Two days after the bridge incident, the body of 27-year-old Nathanial Cater showed up down the river. Although FBI could not provide any evidence that it was Williams who killed him, they were almost positive and kept a close eye on him. They got one step closer when the next victim they found, 29-year-old Jimmy Payne, had hairs and fibers on his clothes that were identical to those found in Williams’ house and on his dog. He was arrested on June 21, 1981 for the two murders they could pin him to. After being arrested, he was tested for mental illness, but he came up clean, without any signs of a problem. In jail, he was pressed for his motives and in the end, the reason Williams supposedly committed these crimes largely on African Americans youths was because he hated the younger generation of his own race. He once commented to a friend “Killing black males young prevents them from breeding

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