Human Behavior Theory

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Executive Summary

Organizational Behavior Management is identified as an important aspect of management wherein the way people affect and interact with one another within a business organization is investigated in order to create a more efficient organizational structure. There are a number of different forms of human organization. Varieties of researches on human behavior in organizations has exposed that there are hard and soft dimensions to organizational performance, and that the quality of organizational outputs is in no small measure dependent on the quality of the work force and how effectively it is utilized. (Wayne Smith, Demand Media). With the aid of these theories and researches on human behavior and organizational behavior management,
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Scientific Approach
This approach specifically focuses on how jobs could be done more efficiently by clearly determining the objectives of the organization, setting standards, selecting and assigning appropriate workers to specific departments where they specialize and identifying careful optimization plans for new processes and method. This clearly implies little requirement for the leader on thinking about the welfare of the workers.
2. Human Relations Approach
This theory, according to Wayne Smith, has identified that group standards exert significant impact on worker performance, and that the mere act of studying the workers, has increased their productivity rate.
3. Decision Making Approach
As the title implies, this approach focuses on making the best decision that the leader with the aid of his constituents can come up to, bounded by limitations of the environment and choosing alternatives that can keep up with their minimum criteria for success rather than seeking an optimal solution.
4. Neo Human Relations School
This approach emphasized the rise of famous theories like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that motivate workers to satisfy their basic needs, also, the reward system (Theory X), and achievement of individual worker goals through the achievement of organizational goals (Theory
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These qualities start with humility and sense of responsibility for his constituents, reliable in being the support system of the organization in challenging times, and gutsy in making decisions for the betterment of the company, that will lead them to the right direction.

Leader’s Motivational Techniques Towards Employees

HLG’s envisions to be the leading diversified international contractor in the Middle East and North Africa, this paved the setting of standard values that their company uphold. These core values include:
1. Integrity
Honesty is important for HLG, after all, they have been catering to loyal clients for more than 40 years now, and loyal customers are fruits of integrity and honesty.
2. Safety
Safety is a basic trait that every company must possess. HLG ensures safety not only for their clients, but most especially, for their own workers.
3. Success
This value encompasses the consistent delivery performance of HLG to satisfy their

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