Human Health Effects

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Question: Describe and discuss the human health impacts associated with anthropogenic climate change and the management of these impacts.


The current article provide the factual description for the impact of the human health from the anthropogenic climate change as well as the critical review to the related issues. Additionally, the management of the impacts have been critically analysed so as to give a practical suggestion to the policy makers.

From the conduction of the review to the existing literatures and documents, it can be concluded that two major climate related components, namely, global warming and intensified ultraviolet (UV) exposure, contribute the health issue, while the impacts of them have been discussed. First
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Nonetheless, human activity has affecting the ordinary pattern over the past century, while the anthropogenic climate has been formed. Due to the exponentially increase of population and the enlarging greediness of them, the resulted climate change challenged the human health. Actually, pollution, deforestation, extensive agriculture, consumption of fossil fuels, and industrialization are closely correlated to the climate change, and they, at the same time, are the necessities in supporting the infinite greediness of human (Weiss & Bradley,…show more content…
The heat waves caused by the imbalanced temperature would resulted the heat related deaths and illnesses, while the ill, the poor and the elderly would subject to the direct impact. The migration for the low and high latitude populations would be needed in according to the climate change, and it would greatly impact to their lifestyle, while the stress in different aspects would turn to the health problems eventually. Due to the scared land resource and drought / heavily rain caused by global warming, the food security would be deteriorated, especially for the developing countries. The prevalence of diseases and popularity of cancer would be resulted from the damage of immune system. All of them are impacting the human health in different
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