Humanistic Approach To Physcotherapy

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Physcotherapy can be described as the techniques used for treating mental health, emotional and some psychiatric disorders (Nordqvist,2009). Counselling and physcotherapy are known as the talking therapies where a therapist aims to provide a safe environment for a distressed client to talk about their problems in confidence with no judgement. In this essay I hope to discuss the humanistic approach to physoctherapy, I hope to explore this approach in dept and discover how in fact this type of therapy focuses on self development growth and responsibilities (McLeod, 2008).This therapy I feel is closest to my beliefs because it focuses on the individual reaching a level of actualisation as the therapist will focus on the client’s strengths. In…show more content…
Rodgers was born in 1902 in Chicago and became the founder of what was originally known as non directive therapy.
According to John Mcleod “The person centred therapy begins and ends with experiencing” (2013). Person or client centered therapy is based on the basic principle that therapists need to help their clients find their own solutions rather than trying to impose solutions on them, therefore they can reach their own level of self actualisation.
Rogers adopted three main principles in his humanistic approach to therapy and they include congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy. All three principles in fact reflect the attitude that Rodgers believed the therapist should have to the
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According to Rodgers it is the most important attribute for the therapist to have congruence as it is all about the therapist being genuine(Mcleod,2008). Mearns and Thorpe defined congruence as “the state of being of a counsellor when her out ward responses to the client consistently match the inner feelings and sensations which she has in relation to the client”(2007). In other words it develops a sense of trust between the client and therapist and allows the client to open up to the therapist because they feel safe in the envoinment they are in and they trust the therapist. Therapists and counsellors say that congruence is not a skill that one can simply have but really it is a way of being. A person-centred therapist will aim to be real and sincere in the session as this creates that sense of trust in the relationship and a positive flow of energy between the client and the
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