I Escape A Violent Gang Poem Analysis

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For the poem,“Making Sarah Cry” and the memoir, “I Escaped a Violent Gang” the theme is courage. These two show courage because in the texts both Sarah and Ana never had the strength to do something about their problems. Then going into the middle of the poem and memoir they both actually find their inner strength and started to show it. At the end of the text, the girls realize that if you gain courage that you can do anything in the world and feel unstoppable and make a change in life. In the poem, “Making Sarah Cry”, the author shows us that Sarah went from not having the courage to the end actually showing courage. At the beginning of the poem Sarah doesn’t show courage and lets the bullies tease her. As an example, “The purpose of their game Of teasing Sarah, who made them laugh As her own tears felt like rain.” This showed she didn 't have courage because the bullies will make fun of her and laugh at her and make her cry. They made her feel as she was nothing but a joke. This showed she never had courage because she never had the guts to stand up for herself and say something. Another…show more content…
Sarah influenced the children’s hearts in the park to stop bullying and for them to all be friends. On the other hand, Ana influenced herself and part of her family to work hard and have the courage and be determined. In “Making Sarah Cry” it states, “Determination on her face, Sticking up for one of her own tormentors And willing to take his place.” She is trying to show everyone in the playground that you can stand up to your bully and that having courage will make you stronger and better than before. In I “Escaped a Violent Gang” it shows, “I began to see that there were other things besides gang life - that I could have a future, that I could graduate.” She is trying to tell those few people that you can do if you have the courage and that you can make it to where you want to be in
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