My Teaching Experience

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Being a teacher is a wonderful occupation that is full of enjoyment. As a teacher, I can watch my students grow and learn due to our hard work. Their work is just as difficult as mine but there is no better feeling in the world then seeing student’s faces as they grasp a new concept or to be able to do something they have not before. The satisfaction I get from improving my students’ knowledge is why I have become a teacher but this is not the only reason. My students also teach me a great deal; perhaps it is about their culture or without them knowing they also teach me how to be a better teacher.
What is teaching exactly? The definition of teaching is “the act or profession of a person who teaches ("Teaching | Define Teaching at,"
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Instead I try to incorporate different techniques from the language learning methods in lessons so that that it can be fun and interesting yet capturing the students various learning styles. Some of the methods I use techniques are from Total-Physical Response, Content-based Instruction, Communicative and Task-based Language Teaching. Social interaction plays a large part in language learning so my lessons try to be student centered, using communicative activities that engage them. I like to create small group activities as often as possible. I find this can lead to more interaction and use of the target language if a student is too shy to come in front of the class to speak. Small group activities also allow more knowledgeable students to assist others by scaffolding. The interests and personalities of the students are take into consideration when I develop my lessons and activities so that it will arouse their interests in the lesson. The student will more likely to be motivated to learn if the lesson is exciting and interesting to…show more content…
It is my responsibility to know the latest developments in my profession and I do this by continuing my education, attending workshops and participating in educational associations related to my field of English education. There is no such thing as perfection in the teaching field so you must continue to become a better teacher. One way to enhance my teaching is by evaluation. This evaluation could be in the form of a critique done by an administrator that watched a class of mine or it can be also be a self-evaluation of a lesson you preformed. Each and every lesson that I perform I evaluate how my students responded to it and what can be done differently next time. There is not a perfect lesson and they must continually evolve through evaluation and continuing your professional development. This is very important for every teacher no matter what field they are teaching. It is important for my students to be successful in their learning process so I must continue to find better ways of reaching my
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