Illegal Immigrant

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An illegal Immigrant is a foreigner who has entered in a country unlawfully without the country 's authorization and undocumented Immigrants are a growing problem in America. Many Americans believe that both illegal and legal immigrants come to American to steal jobs away from the modern American citizen and to use social service to get welfare, food stamps, and unemployment benefits, but those beliefs are all false. In fact, Illegal immigrants have it far worse than legal immigrants because most of them live in fear of being discovered by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) so they have to live a life of invisibility. They face several risks in the workplace. For instance, if they get injuries they can’t go to the hospital …show more content…

For example, one of my family friends had an accident at his workplace. He works as a construction worker even though he was illegal and was paid under the table. He didn 't have any family or relatives in this country and one day he got into an accident at work and his co-worker ask him if they should take him to the hospital, but he refused. Two months into his accident, he was at the edge of dying. He didn’t want to go to get medical assistance because he does not have insurance and he did not want to take the risk of going to the hospital then being deported. To give another illustration of workplace injury or accident, in the academic research I did, that discuss a case of three undocumented individuals that were physically and mentally injured. One of this individual is 28 years old, pregnant Martha Gomez. She works as a maid in a Los Vegas hotel. One day while working, she was brutally attacked by a stranger, who kept hitting and kicking her, crowded up in a fetal position Martha was typing to protect her unborn child. After the attack, Martha began to experience numbness, weakness on her body, depression and loss of memory. However, since she never got the right treatment during her attack, the doctor recommends her to have a “vocational rehabilitation”, but because she was undocumented she was denied any treatment. Like Martha, Roberto Chavez also suffered an accident from his work that left him with a severe back injury after falling fifteen feet to the ground and was also denied “vocational rehabilitation” due to the fact that he is undocumented. Another individual that suffers from workplace injury is Antonio Gutierrez. He had suffered from a severe accident that caused an amputation to his left arm shoulder. Despite the severe accident that occurs to Gutierrez, like Martha and Roberto, he too was denied “vocational rehabilitation” because he didn 't have enough proves to support that he is a citizen. These are perfect examples of why many

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