Impact Of Social Media On Public Relations

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Public Relations Assignment

According to Pindom, the amount of websites rose from 100 thousand to over 160 million websites from the 1990’s to today. Public relations specialists are utilising the electronic media as their main mode of communication. Online media communication is known to be the most essential and fundamental tool for people working in public relations. In this way, the Public Relations business has to employ new technologies in order to cope effectively with the ever changing sociological, political and economic realities. Technology in this day and age is putting a new spin on how a company cultivates and establishes a beneficial relationship with the consumer. Social media is constantly evolving and is even present in public relations communication.In the beginning of public relations, the importance was on public opinion, although their scope was very limited. Social media is now become a bridge and a window to public relations, enabling public relations specialists to connect the internal objectives of the organisation with the constant changing externalities. In this essay, I will discuss the impact of social media on the public relations industry and the future of public relations in this new age of communication.

PR in the era of Social Media
Throughout the 1990’s the world saw an explosive expansion of the internet, which introduced a new form of communication, it was in 1994, when the internet began becoming a great commercial tool.
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