Why I Want To Be Anesthesiologist Essay

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Examining "Why" or Your "Purpose" in Life Relative to The Degree You Are Pursuing
Stated by one of the most profound philosophers, Confucius, "choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." Anesthesiology is among some of the pinnacle professions in the medical field. Achieved through graduating college with a bachelor 's degree, graduating medical school, and finishing a residency program, anesthesiology is a very difficult yet a prestigious career to achieve. A difficult question to answer for aspiring students, "why do you want to be an anesthesiologist," may not know particularly why. (Colin J. L. McCartney, PhD, 946) Through watching multiple "TEDtalk" videos such as The Power of Belief and How to Find Your Passion and Inner Awesomeness any student, students can understand simple ideas like, "know your 'why ' before 'what, '" and how
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McCartney, "anesthesia is a very short name for one of the most holistic medical specialties." (1) The character traits anesthesiologists must have for this profession significantly match with the personality traits I display such as leadership and expressing the ability to be a team player. The leadership traits needed to be an anesthesiologist are not taught but learned throughout one 's life. Playing baseball almost my entire life, as of now, has by far showed me how to become a leader.
Additionally, as a team player, I have learned to not always lead the group but learn as I work as a team. Doing physical work, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to learn how to be a team player, a required trait of an anesthesiologist. Last summer, my family had to repaint our rusted and paint chipped dock. The physical work we had to do would only be completed if we worked efficiently as a team. To put the labor into perspective, it took all of us over a week to complete the process. This experience alone showed me how well a team can work together.
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