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Asian-African Conference shortened by KAA. Asian-African Conference is a conference held on 18-24 April 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia. Background Asian-African Conference was that after World War II ended emerge two world powers, namely the Western bloc led by the United States and Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union. Both of these blocks are competing for influence, causing international tension.
To realize the free and active foreign policy, Indonesia and several other Asian and African countries held a conference called KAA or stands are Asian-African Conference.
Asian-African Conference was motivated by the following factors:
1. That the two continents, namely Asia and Africa, bordering and has properties the same geographic.
2. Both continents
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The ten principles expressed in the Asian-African Conference were known as the Ten Principles of Bandung or the Bandung Declaration.
3. The role of Indonesia in
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Similar conferences for certain circles in Asia and Africa were held as well, such as the Asian-African Journalists Conference, Islamic Conference Asia Africa, Asia Author Conference of African, Asian and African Students Conference. Asian-African Conference was fired up and add strength to the morale of the fighters nations of Asia and Africa were at that time fighting for the independence of their homeland, so that then was born a number of independent countries in Asia and Africa. All it signifies that the ideals and spirit of the Ten Principles of Bandung increasingly penetrate into the body of the nations of Asia and Africa. Bandung soul with Dasa principle, has changed the world view of international relations. Bandung has given birth to the Third World ideology or "Non-Aligned" on His First World Both Washington and Moscow. Life Bandung has changed the structure of the United Nations (UN), the UN Forum is no longer the exclusive forum West or East, as closing this brief description , the last part of the closing remarks quoted Chairman of the Asian-African Conference as

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