Why I Chose To College

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Many times in life what we dream, what we want, does not happen the way we expect to happen. In order to attend a four-year university to get my bachelor’s degree I had to go through a series of situations that would teach me how to be a better student and a better person. Being an immigrant, and especially a teenager, is not easy and it was not easy to me at all. When I was in my junior year of high school, I only had one year living in the U.S. I was still trying to adapt to my new country, to my new life, to my new school; however, it was not as easy as it seems, although I was always an excellent and hardworking student back in my country, El Salvador, I was not succeeding the way I wanted to, especially in school. I feel that the transition …show more content…

I remember that I wanted to succeed, I wanted to improve, but there was something stopping me from doing it. There were so many things going on that sent me into a deep depression throughout the school year, but even when all that happened and junior year was over, hope was not dead inside of me, I thought that I had a chance to improve and to make things …show more content…

I did not really wanted to go to a community college because all my life I dreamed of going straight to a 4 year university (in my country, it would be a 5-year university) and the fact that I had to start in another place just made me feel confused and anxious, but I had no other choice, since I knew I wouldn’t attend the other colleges and I did not want to take a sabbatical year. At the same time, I had a few friends whom would go to the community college, so we all started the process and to make our schedules. Since I am a foreign student and I came to the U.S. during my sophomore year of high school, I had to take an ESL test (English for Speakers of other Languages). I was place into the last level of ESL, I knew that my English was really good, but at the same time I knew that I had to improve, I wanted it to be at a college level, so I took two ESL classes and I think that this was one of the best experiences I could have had during my first semester of college, I could reconnect with myself and with people, I was surrounded by different people from all over the world, and although I already had the same experience when I arrived to the U.S. and I was sent to the last level of ESOL in high school, this time I was experiencing it in another way, I would say in a more mature way. All my classmates were amazing people and I made new

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