Importance Of Learning In My Life

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When reflecting upon this past year, I selected one photo from each month that represents a valuable lesson learned in 2017. Many of these lessons are not new but have taken on even deeper meaning for me in my retirement. January: Be grateful for friends who keep in touch in this age of ‘social media galore,’ it is easy to lose meaningful connection with others. I am saddened by many relationships that have gone unnourished and appreciate greatly those who have gone the extra mile to keep me in their lives…and to remain in mine. (Here’s a sampling of a few of those people who I have been able to connect with in retirement). If you do not see your photo below, please drop by or otherwise keep in touch. I would be delighted to add it! February: Last minute travel has great perks Last minute, spur of the moment travel can be very invigorating and may be more doable than you think. Last February, we were able to book a Cocoa Beach Home Exchange with super cheap flights by booking less than one week ahead. Sometimes a last minute break is just what the soul craves. March: Happiness is being part of the gang. When I was a young child, my favourite t-shirt featured a Peanut’s cartoon bearing this quote. For many reasons this shirt became significant for me and I included it in my memorabilia that I brought with me to university. Research repeatedly proves that those who are surrounded by friends/family typically enjoy greater health benefits. April: Grandparenting never gets olds

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