Importance Of Media Studies

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Relevance of media studies in social, cultural political and economic aspects in modern society
South Africa has a deep history of racial exclusion, inequality and political conflicts. The media provides the platform for citizens to express their views, cultural believes and political opinions. These expressions are not always broadcasted on national media platforms, but by community papers, radio and other forums which influence the day to day thinking of citizens. Individuals who receive what is being broadcasted will critically analyse or take it as it is. Without media the country and its citizens will not be able to engage with each other on matters of social, economic or political interests. Therefore, media shapes individuals, communities and the country.

In modern society media studies focuses on key areas of research and debates such as race, gender, class, sexual orientation and ethnicity Williams (2001:8). Media studies is a multidisciplinary subject as it cuts across sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics and various other disciplines. Media has profound impact on the behaviour of audiences. It grants individuals access to a variety of information ranging from social, political, cultural to economical and them analyse and form an opinion. Not all information broadcasted by the media should be taken on face value, the information should be critically analysed to understand the true meaning of what is being broadcasted and to flash out

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