Importance Of Online Shopping Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION - With increasing internet literacy, the importance of online marketing is growing in India. The customers using online shopping has many benefits. The importance of online shopping is increasing especially in the young generation because they get the advantage of shopping at home only and also get benefits of discounts, time save etc. Forecasting future growth of online shopping, marketers are making changes in their marketing strategies and trying to capture future market. The online shopping is gaining greater importance in metropolitan and big cities as well as in various foreign countries.
The Economic Times in one of their article published that when you buy a product or a service over the internet, instead of going to a traditional store in the market, it is called online shopping. Globally, online shopping has gained wide importance because of its benefit of convenience as well as save of time. People can buy any product from home only without pain of going to stores. Also online shopping gives the advantage of choosing from variety of products as well as brands. Various promotional campaigns like social networking sites, advertisements etc. are the major motivators of online shopping.
The exclusive benefit of online shopping customers is, it provides the 24*7 in a day shopping facility with the help of internet facility. The discovery of their favourite brands and products is also easy on web compare to any store, shopping mall and exclusive
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