Training Performance Evaluation

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access to some compensation and training program before. In addition, the performance evaluation is a tool for evaluation and development. "By looking at the performance of the first to identify achievements and shortcomings and develop a detailed plan to improve performance in the future" (Stephen P.Robins, 1995) .If Manager can detect labor shortages, the detailed planning necessary to rectify this situation. In addition, the performance evaluation is one of the activities of human resource management the most critical and most had caused problems within the organization. It is a formal system that is structured aims to measure and assess behaviors and outcomes associated with work to enable workers to find out why and how they are able to…show more content…
All aspects of employee performance should be taken into account to ensure that this assessment is accurate and ensure that the assessment done effectively. However, the focus needs to be given to the employee 's performance. There are many other advantages that can be gained through training performance evaluation. In addition to providing feedback to employees about their performance, managers can also get a lot of information about employees that can be used to make workers more productive tasks for example; a person cannot work due to work commitments to external factors beyond the limit because they relate the unit or department. With the information obtained, the manager can bring the matter to the higher authorities to take appropriate action. In addition, the performance evaluation can also help managers Determine placement and career fields that correspond to the potential, capabilities, benefits and career advancement of its employees. Through the performance evaluation process, managers can Determine suitability and eligibility for promotion, acting, loan and exchange…show more content…
I will try to reduce this practice by increasing the overall assessment process; first of all I will explain the purpose of the assessment to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the organization, in particular for knowledge workers about their position in the organization and provide an opportunity to discuss the performance and employee performance standards with their managers on a regular basis. However, this performance evaluation process needs to move towards a better connected, and gives managers the freedom to reward exceptional behavior and also to choose a behavior that is not effective. vice president must also ensure that every manager trained in how to use the company 's performance assessment instruments, how to conduct interviews, and how to provide feedback between assessment. According to Berman, (2001), a performance appraisal system requires policies and procedures and should have the support of the entire workforce. Employees should be given an understanding of the policies and procedures of performance evaluation. Employee will be more receptive to the system if they understand it. Information on all the elements of a performance appraisal system should be widely disseminated so that staff can understand how the system is running. It is very important for employees to know the whole idea of the evaluation process. Employees must know

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