Describe The Importance Of Layering In Skin Care

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Layering is an important factor when it comes to skincare. Knowing which product should be used first and which one follows next is essential. Skincare is handled by dermatologists and different skins react differently with different products. Skincare product should be applied from lightest to heaviest. Different people make the mistake of wrong layering which might become hazardous to the skin, while layering ensure none of the product comes in contact with your eyes to avoid damage. Make sure the right product is used on the right skin, if a reaction is noticed , visit a dermatologist. This list represents the order by which Skincare product should be applied. Makeup Remover: The first step to take is to remove any makeup on your face, by doing this dirt is also removed; it is just like clearing a piece of land before building. Doing this every product used after will penetrate into the skin well. This product contains ingredients that ensure that harmful microorganism can’t multiply on the skin; it can be applied using a tissue or a clean piece of cloth. Some of its ingredients are glycerin, mineral oil, colorants, etc. Cleanser: Cleaning the face with a cleanser removes oil and dirt, making your skin dirt free and supple enough for other skin products to follow. Cleansers should be applied with both hands…show more content…
"Sunscreen is your last step in the morning," A small size on your face protects you from harmful sun rays. It is the most important of all anti-aging products. Sunscreen should be applied a couple of minutes late to enable all the other products on the skin to completely dry off. Sunscreen helps fight against the two types of ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB). In fact, different sunscreens differ in their protection capability against UVA and UVB. UVB is the cause of sunburn while UVA is responsible for wrinkles, sagging,

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