Importance Of System Thinking

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System thinking has its foundations in the field of system dynamics, founded in 1956 by MIT Professor Jay Forrestor recognized the need for a better way of testing new ideas about social systems, in the same way we can test ideas in engineering. Systems thinking allows people to make their understanding of social systems explicit and improve their understanding of mechanical systems. Too often, today’s problems are solved by utilizing easy and comfortable approaches to obtain simple solutions. In reality as many discover simplicity and common approaches are far from effective in dealing with complex, dynamic and diverse problems. Despite the initial apparent ease and comfort, focus tends to be on the elements of the problem, rather than the “bigger picture”; and typically there is no consideration of interactions, and the belief that there is one best solution. As more and more program failures escalate there is an increasing need to improve and create better results through systems thinking. Systems’ thinking is a discipline of seeing the “whole”, recognizing patterns and interrelationships, and learning how to structure more effective, efficient and creative system solution(s). The approach…show more content…
System thinking leads to finding permanent solutions through acting on all possible reasons presented simultaneously. Nonetheless, strategic management relies on making plans on how to solve the problem by eliminating the reasons one by one, as per the laid down procedures. Hence, this makes system thinking to be more driven in finding solutions and has immense potential in management as compared to the strategic
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