Importance Of Teacher Education In 21st Century

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Teacher Education in 21st Century It is the need of the hour that teacher education must prepare a teacher for the roles of being an encouraging, supportive and humane facilitator in a teaching-learning situation, in order to make teacher education more sensitive to the emerging demands of the society. “Education is a fundamental pillar of human rights, democracy, sustainable development, and peace.”UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education(1998).Education acts as a catalyst for the all-round development of an individual. It empowers an individual to meet the emerging needs; especially teacher education is of vital importance in the educational ladder of our country. In the educational system of a country, teacher education provides a…show more content…
Confidence in the nobility of teaching profession and faith that teaching as a kind task can prepare individual learners for nation building, could provide tremendous professional motivation and satisfaction. Pedagogical obligation It includes curiclum design, instructioal strategies, assessment techniques and classroom management strategies. a) Curriculum Design There is a dire need of multicultural incorporation throughout the teacher education curriculum that could culminate in a suuccessful completion of student teaching contingent upon acceptable performance appraisal criteria and procedure. b)Instructioal Strategies An interactive discussion among the students and faculty builds mutual trust and enhances communication that helps in shairing values ,attitudes and experiences. Therefore,, the main focus of the insructional strategies has shifted to the four pillars of learning i.e., learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be an essential…show more content…
His personality has a very vital influence on the pupils learning,manners, behaviour and above all his character and personality. Certain important aspects must be taken into consideration for quality development in teacher education. These are: • In place of round and uniform system of educatonal management there should be flexibility because of the regional variationand diversity of Indian society. • Considering vast teaching, research and other administrative experiences of in-service teachers of state and central cadres, Indian Education Service should be introduced with immediate effect. • Centralised policy planning with decentralised implementation will be very productive. • Adminstrative and management must be very dynamic and forward looking. • Teacher and teacher educators should be made aware of latest changes and dynamic stimulating progress. • Have a separate budget for teacher education and

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