Importance Of Toys And Games In World War II

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TOYS ANG GAMES DURING WORLD WAR II Toys and games have always reflected the attitudes, humor, and imagination of the culture and times that created them. As toy historians Athelstan and Kathleen Spilhaus write, "A toy 's appeal lies in the form and shape, the beauty of line, the color and detail, the charm of miniaturization, and the humor of caricature. Some toys amuse use with their jerky antics; others add beauty to our lives with their grace and rhythm. Many do things we can 't do in real life, thereby keeping us in touch with fantasy." What games did children played? During WW2, children played many different games. The games varied from group games to individual game. Children played; Hopscotch, Four Square, Jump Rope, chess etc. In short Children played ball games of all types. Girls loved to play jacks, marbles, jump rope, play school and house, and played with dolls. The games the kids loved were neighborhood games like "Red, Light, Green, Light", "Red Rover", "Hide and Seek", "Statutes" and other games. They liked board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, checkers, chess, backgammon, Chinese checkers, and dominoes. Cards were a really big hit. They liked Fish, Concentration, Crazy Eights, Hearts, and if old enough Canasta, Gin Rummy, solitaire, Slap Jack, War and 21. There were also games in water like Marco Polo, dive bomb and water ballet. Children played for hours because they did not have video games or television. They made up their own games

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