Improve Critical Thinking Skills In Nursing

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Study #1
The study that was chosen reviews how problem-based learning can help improve critical thinking skills for nursing students in a clinical setting. We all know as nurses that when we go to nursing school, we learn a lot about theory, reading labs and what to do in “certain situations”. We learn about hypo and hyperglycemia, the functions of the heart, how to use dosage and calculation skills if the power goes out in the hospital and lastly, how to write in APA format. While all of these things are important, to learn critical thinking skills takes practice and is learned over time and is usual longer that the time we spend in nursing school.
Anyone can use their mind to think. As humans, we think on a daily basis but critical thinking is something special. Critical thinking takes skill. It is a way of thinking that involves any subject, content or problem where the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing and reconstructing it ( The PICO theory was used for this study. PICO is the acronym for Population, Intervention, Comparison and outcome which is a process used for framing a question. It is also used for locating, assessing, evaluating and repeating when needed (
The development and implantation of the intervention were described in this study. The study promoted investigation which concludes that further research would be required. More testing of problem-based learning with

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