Case Study: How Problem-Based Learning Can Improve Critical Thinking Skills For Nursing Students

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Study #1
The study that was chosen reviews how problem-based learning can help improve critical thinking skills for nursing students in a clinical setting. We all know as nurses that when we go to nursing school, we learn a lot about theory, reading labs and what to do in “certain situations”. We learn about hypo and hyperglycemia, the functions of the heart, how to use dosage and calculation skills if the power goes out in the hospital and lastly, how to write in APA format. While all of these things are important, to learn critical thinking skills takes practice and is learned over time and is usual longer that the time we spend in nursing school.
Anyone can use their mind to think. As humans, we think on a daily basis but critical thinking is something special. Critical thinking takes skill. …show more content…

Locate a study that is a secondary analysis. Why was this study conducted as a secondary analysis rather than a primary analysis? What were the sources of the data? How did this study contribute to nursing science? The study chosen discussed patients’ needs during the year after a suicide attempt. The study was conducted as a secondary analysis instead of a primary analysis. Secondary analysis is characterized as an examination and translation an original research study. The technique for composing secondary research is to gather detailed research information that is important from the original research study and translate the essential information found in that particular study (
This study was considered a randomized study. It investigated whether two telephone interventions in addition to treatment as usual during one to twelve months after a suicide attempts had any impact on treatment attendance and thereby suicidal behavior and psychosocial functioning (Cedereke & Öjehagen 2002). This secondary analysis was conducted because suicide is a very broad topic. This is something that has to be interpreted to fit the researchers needs of his or her

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