Intergroup Conflict In Rohingya

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This approach also describe that the elite suggests played role in intergroup conflict. Seeing in Rohingya case, the elite Army played role to mobilize the violence so that the Buddhist accused the Rohingyas as the “impure” in the state, the regime saw it as opportunity to reduce the population. Moreover, Buddhist-Muslim violence is nothing new in Myanmar, especially in Rakhine (Kingsbury 2015). The government statement by President Thein Sein stressed that Rohingyas were unacceptable in Myanmar when he asked the solution of refugee camps or deportation. He commented in 2013 in Radio Free Asia, that they would take a responsibility for their ethnic, but because Rohingya were not their ethnicity, it was impossible to endure them illegally (Caballero-Anthony…show more content…
Leaving their ancestors to migrate into Rakhine State during British colonial period who called by most non-Rohingya people as Bengali Muslim. But the official view of the Myanmar Government regards all Rohingyas as illegal immigrants from Bengal (present day Bangladesh) and does not address Muslim migration under British rule (Gibson, James & Falvey 2016: 47-48). Otherwise, according to historian and mostly believed by Rohingyas, they argued that their ancestors not only derive from East Bengal alone but also from different Muslim countries and not reached the Rakhine State during the British colonial period but over hundred years earlier, in order that Rohingyas has rooted in Rakhine. The definition of Rohingyas identity seems difficult to explain; hence, the Rohingyas itself as an ethnic identity is still…show more content…
Then, when Arakan were fall into Burma Kingdom, this land was belong to them. But then in 17th century, Arakan was under British rule, where Rohingya felt protected until Britain left the country in 1948. Then, their peacefulness changed into conflict with the Buddhist. Moreover since 1962, junta military has oppressed Rohingya Muslims and played role in the movement to drive them out of the country. The case Rohingya currently have found a new round and is an issue of concern to the humanitarian disaster in Southeast Asia. This issue becomes more complex because of the conflict is not only focused on ethnic-religious, but also economic, social and political. However, the conflict between the Buddhist and Rohingya very complicated and not easy to resolving the conflict. Until now the international community still continues its efforts to negotiate with the junta military to more give an accesses to what happened in Rakhine and do humanitarian

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